NastLaw Files Antitrust Case Over Alleged Dairy Product Price Fixing

Milk Price Fixing Antitrust

Dianne Nast, of NastLaw, LLC., and other law firms have filed an antitrust case in the Souther District of Illinois alleging that a consortium of farmers conspired to keep the price of milk and other dairy products higher than it should be.

The complaint alleges that a Cooperatives Working Together (“CWT”) and its members have engaged in a continuing contract, combination and conspiracy over the past eight years to limit the production of raw farm milk through premature “herd retirements” that require participating dairy farmers to destroy all of the dairy cows in all of their herds and, beginning on April 1, 2009, agree not to reenter the dairy farming business for at least a year.

If the conduct in the alleged complaint is true, consumers have been paying too much for their milk and dairy products for years, allowing members of the cooperative to artificially inflate their profits.