Dianne Nast Appointed as Interim Co-Lead Counsel in Zytiga Lawsuit

Dianne Nast of NastLaw and Michael Roberts of Roberts Law Group have been appointed as interim co-lead class counsel in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Zytiga.

The case alleges that Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, willfully and wrongfully maintained monopoly power and harmed competition by initiating and pursuing meritless patent infringement litigation that delayed entry of generic Zytiga products. The Complaint alleges that Defendants’ wrongful conduct prevented generic pharmaceutical manufacturers from entering the market with competing products by more than one year.

As a result, the case alleges that direct-purchasers have been injured by having paid higher prices for Zytiga than they would have paid in the absence of Defendants’ alleged violations of federal antitrust laws.

Zytiga is a prescription drug used in combination with prednisone to treat men with metastatic prostate cancer when surgery and other drugs are not treatment options.