Vehicle Recalls

NastLaw lawyers represent plaintiffs who have been injured or suffered financial loss because of defective or unsafe vehicles.


Each year thousands of people are injured due to defectively designed and manufactured vehicles. Defective vehicle victims can file a lawsuit against the car manufacturer responsible for either not fixing the damage or selling it despite of the knowledge of a defect.

NastLaw is one of the nation’s leading firms for vehicle recall lawsuits. NastLaw founder Dianne Nast has been appointed to the executive committee in the lawsuit against General Motors for defective ignition switches.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in vehicle recall litigation for components such as:

  • Tires
  • Airbags
  • Accelerators
  • Ignition switches and more

In 2014, car manufacturers around the world recalled a record number of vehicles, and we our currently accepting clients for the lawsuits listed below.


Volkswagen Emissions Lawsuits Lawsuits

Volkswagen Emissions Fraud

Volkswagen has been cheating emissions tests on many popular diesel vehicles and was recently told by the EPA that these vehicles are not federally compliant. Owners of affected vehicles are filing lawsuits claiming they overpaid for the vehicles and that resale value will be greatly reduced. Our vehicle recall attorneys are actively filing lawsuits against Volkswagen on behalf of owners of affected vehicles.

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Airbag Recall Lawsuits

Airbag Recall

NastLaw is currently investigating defective airbag lawsuits involving airbags manufactured by Takata Corporation that fail to deploy properly, and in some cases can explode and cause serious injury or death to vehicle occupants. Several major automobile manufacturers have issued airbag recalls for vehicles containing defective airbags.

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General Motors Recall Lawsuits

General Motors Recall

General Motors has issued a massive recall for defective ignition switches in some of their most popular vehicles. These defective ignition switches have led to numerous accidents and at least 13 reported deaths, prompting congressional and legal investigations into General Motors.

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