Practice Areas

NastLaw lawyers represent plaintiffs in complex cases on both a national and local levels.

Our Practice Areas

Lead by Dianne Nast, one of the country’s premier litigators, NastLaw attorneys combine over 90 years of complex civil litigation experience. We provide our clients with experienced, confident representation to guide them in the most difficult cases.

NastLaw attorneys are known for taking leadership roles in their cases, helping to ensure our clients’ needs are well represented in every situation. Our experienced lawyers lead cases in the following practice areas:

Dangerous Drugs

Your legal team at NastLaw combines over 90 years of legal experience representing people injured by dangerous drugs. Our dangerous drug lawyers are nationally recognized for their experience in representing people harmed by these products. Together, they have helped to negotiate billions of dollars in settlements.

Our attorneys are frequently asked to take leadership roles in the resolution of dangerous drug lawsuits. NastLaw currently holds court-appointed leadership roles in several major pharmaceutical cases against drugs such as Xarelto, Zoloft, Yasmin/Yaz, Prescription Testosterone.

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Nastlaw attorneys have decades of experience litigating medical devices. Our attorneys have been appointed to national leadership positions in various device Multi-District Litigations, including breast implants, trans-vaginal mesh and pace makers.

NastLaw attorneys work on at national and at local levels in prosecuting these cases for plaintiffs around the country. Our current medical device investigations include Da Vinci Robots, Transvaginal Mesh Implants and Mirena IUD contraceptives.

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NastLaw is one of the nation’s leading firms for vehicle recall lawsuits. Our attorneys have decades of experience in vehicle recall litigation for components such as tires, airbags, accelerators, ignition switches, and more.

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NastLaw attorneys are nationally recognized for their antitrust experience and have been appointed to significant leadership positions in some of the largest antitrust cases. Our lawyers have successfully litigated dozens of major antitrust cases to protect consumers and ensure fair competition for businesses.

Our antitrust lawyers are leading the way in some of the biggest and most significant antitrust cases. It is common to find one of our lawyers holding the lead counsel position, or playing a prominent role in the steering committee for many major antitrust cases.

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