General Motors Ignition Switch Lawsuit Update

Our firm represents many individuals who were affected by the General Motors ignition switch recall and there are hundreds of individuals around the country who are awaiting resolution of the GM Multi District Litigation (MDL) Lawsuit currently underway in front of New York Judge Jesse Furman. We will provide ongoing updates on the status of the General Motors Ignition Switch Lawsuits, check back for the latest information.

GM Ignition Switch Lawsuit Update: January 3, 2017

Many ignition switch lawsuit cases have already settled and the court is hearing what are known as “bellwether” trials to understand the arguments presented by both sides. The initial set of six bellwether trials ended in 2016. The only verdict was in favor of GM, although the jury did find that the vehicle was unreasonably dangerous. Three other bellwether cases were settled and two were dropped or dismissed.

A second set of six bellwether trials are scheduled for 2017, and both sides are determining what cases will be included. There has been speculation that the MDL might proceed towards settlement in late 2017, but the case could carry on for much longer depending on the outcome of the second set of bellwether cases.