Why Does Xarelto Use Celebrity Endorsements?

Xarelto Celebrity Endorsements

Have you ever seen the advertisement on TV for Xarelto? The one with hall-of-fame golfer, Arnold Palmer, sinking a hole in one with the rest of his celebrity cast, Chris Bosh, Brian Vickers and Kevin Nealon.

It shows them all enjoying a beautiful day, uninhibited by the status of their health because they know they can “count on Xarelto” to keep them moving.

But why are the manufacturers of Xarelto paying millions of dollars for television ads with a star studded cast?

Research shows that brands and corporations can benefit from using celebrity endorsements. A study done in July 2011 by Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse and Barclays Capital Analyst Jerone Verleuni found that, on average, celebrity endorsements can increase a company’s sales by $10 million annually and provide a 0.25% increase in stock price.

Xarelto’s manufacturers hope that those needing blood clot treatment medication ask for Xarelto because it’s something they saw their “idols” endorse on TV.

After seeing the commercials, when you think of Xarelto you almost always think of Arnold Palmer and a golf course. Without knowing Xarelto is a blood thinner, you hear the brand’s name and associate Mr. Palmer with the medication.

Associating Xarelto with this group of celebrities helps Bayer (the manufacturer) because not only do they reach the golfers of the world, but now the entertainment industry, basketball lovers, and NASCAR fanatics of the country.

Of course, Xarelto is not the only drug of its kind. There is Warfarin, Eliquis, and Pradaxa. Many compare Xarelto to Warfarin, the blood thinning medication that has been on the market for the past 60 years. Warfarin, although popular, can discourage patients from using it due to its strict dietary restrictions and mandatory blood monitoring.

The problem with these marketing tactics is that they encourage patients to ask for a product that is more dangerous than its competitors.

Xarelto’s first year on the market was in 2012. During that time-frame a total of 2,081 serious adverse event (SAE) reports were filed that were Xarelto-related. An estimated 151 deaths were a result from Xarelto, while only 56 deaths were associated with Warfarin.

Not only did Xarelto see a 3x higher risk of a SAE than Warfarin, but there is no antidote to stop serious bleeding Xarelto can cause. With no mandatory blood monitoring, it is hard to catch when serious bleeding is occurring.

The real question is, do these endorsers even know about the severe health risks and issues surrounding Xarelto? Probably not. But just because they may not know of severe risks does not mean there are not any.

Chances are they have yet to experience any severe side effects the medicine could cause. But due to the lack of blood monitoring, how would anyone know if they are at risk for a side effect?

Celebrities aren’t invincible. They have the same chance of having side effects just as the “average Joe” does.

Visit NastLaw.com/xarelto to learn more about the dangers of Xarelto. We believe that the manufacturers of this drug did not provide adequate warning about the potential dangers for serious bleeding. Making blood tests mandatory for Xarelto users would help reduce the severe risks.

So next time you see your good ‘ole friend Arnold Palmer putting a few, trying to sell you on taking Xarelto, do your research. Know the risks you face, and learn more about the company trying to sell you the drug.